Intermediate Division (Gr. 6-8)

elementary-grades-alifcanadaAs students enter the intermediate years of learning, the nature of the approach to education is enhanced and deepened. Consequently, we believe in providing these students the chance to innovate, explore and discover. In the early years of intermediary, students are assessed on their English and Math literacy levels to ensure that government education standards are met. Nevertheless, they are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities, allowing them to develop socially, physically, and on an intellectual level. Furthermore, our institute provides all of the resources that students need to succeed - an advanced computer lab to develop technological skills, access to a science laboratory to gain hands-on experience, and sports equipment to showcase their athletic abilities. During the final stage, students are educated from a perspective that prepares them for higher education. The level of assessment is increased as they are challenged with complex problems.

Amidst these years of learning, our institute ensures that Islamic ideals, values, and behaviors are embedded in every step allowing students to become exemplary young Muslims.