Student F.A.M.E

Facility, Academics, Mentorship and Extra-curricular activities are key foundations to the success of students attending ALIF Canada. Our culture revolves around these 4 fundamental pillars in order to develop students’ skills and excellence.

F – Facility: Our facility is the hub of academic and social development programs facilitating to the needs of students. Our premises provides numerous classrooms that are equipped for learning with state of the art science and computer labs, a gymnasium, a library, a Student Lounge, and a prayer hall.
A – Academics:  In accordance with Ontario educational standards, our curriculum is complemented with Islamic studies in order to keep a balance between both, worldly and spiritual success.
M – Mentorship: Our mentorship program is designed to connect students, allowing them the opportunity to learn from one another to become great leaders.
E – Extracurricular Activities: Our “Student in Action (SIA)” program offers a variety of clubs and programs to encourage student involvement and provides students an opportunity to discover and pursue their unique talents.