High School

The Academy for Learning Islamic Foundations in Canada (ALIF CANADA) is delighted to announce a new expansion of our school: ALIF Canada Secondary School.

ALIF CANADA started from humble beginnings in September 2017. The school has continued to flourish by enriching the lives of Muslim students from all over the locality. Our success has led to the development of our secondary education program and we have now opened our doors to high school students from grades 9 to12.

ALIF CANADA Secondary School is a private, Islamic high school located in Scarborough, Ontario with high school accreditation that is recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Alhamdulillah, ALIF CANADA, offering segregated classes for both males and females, delivers the highest standards of Islamic teachings, whilst also providing academic excellence. ALIF CANADA Secondary School offers a broad array of core and elective courses. Our school is taught by trained and qualified professionals who are compassionate and driven to meet every student’s unique learning need. Our aim is to equip every student with Islamic knowledge, values and morals, whilst ensuring that each student gains an invaluable Canadian education.

Courses Offered (coming soon)