Teacher Training Program For Women

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This course is for you if:

  1. You are currently teaching Qaa’idah and/or Quran and want to make learning more interesting for your students
  2. You are looking for ways to structure your lessons
  3. You are looking to incorporate Tajweed into your Quran curriculum in an easy way
  4. You are looking for methods to track student progress
  5. You are looking for methods of teaching Quran memorization/recitation in a standardized way

Your training includes:

  1. Teaching Resources
    • Al Qaa’idah Al Nooraniyah Book
    • Al Qaa’idah Al Nooraniyah CD or DVD
    • Al Qaa’idah Al Nooraniyah Coursebook
  2. Two Workshop Options including 5 days of instruction + 2 days of testing OR 8 Sundays of instruction + 1 Sunday of testing
  3. Incorporated Tajweed lessons
  4. Certificate of Completion

Hosted by ALIF Canada

Cost: $75

How to Register:

Mail or drop the completed registration form + cash or cheque at ALIF Canada

Click here for Registration Form