Food Wagon Program

Academy for Learning Islamic Foundations in Canada (ALIF Canada) offers a voluntary “Food Wagon” program to all students. It aims to provide students with a nutritious meal and assists parents who have busy schedules. To support students’ health, strength, and performance in school, our “Food Wagon” program provides a healthy balanced diet in accordance to Canada’s Food wagon_alifcanada

Recess Menu

  • Fruit-Flavoured Yogurt
  • Cookies & Milk
  • Cheese & Crackers
  • Muffins
  • Fruit Salad
  • Veggies & Dip

Lunch Menu

  • Cheese Pizza Slices
  • Chicken Hot Dogs
  • Baked Potatoes with Cheese
  • Pasta with Tomato Sauce
  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Beef Burgers
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Chicken Biryani

*A  juice box is served with each of the lunch items

In addition to tuition, the cost of this program is $6.00 per day for each student. Participating students must show their lunch card in order to receive their lunch as scheduled. For those students who would like to purchase lunch occasionally, they are welcome to choose from the wide-variety of meal choices available at the school cafeteria for a price of $7.00 per meal. The purchase must be made only during the lunch hour and must be paid for at the same time.
The procedure to participate in the “Food Wagon” program is as follows:


  • Complete the “Food Wagon” Application (Click Here) and submit it to the Main Office
  • Meet with the Administrator to complete the required financial documentation

Students collect the “Food Wagon” lunch card from the Main Office upon completing the application process. There is a one-time fee of $5.00 for the lunch card. In the event that the card is misplaced or lost, a charge of $10.00 applies to replace the card.