Academy for Learning Islamic Foundations in Canada (ALIF Canada) understands that uniformity is a way of strengthening our academic community. Our policy instils a sense of discipline and belonging amongst the student body. Our standards ensure that students present themselves as clean and well-groomed individuals. ALIF Canada emphasizes the importance of personal hygiene. We are committed to standards of cleanliness, and therefore, students are examined regularly for conformity to the guidelines. Any deviation from the established standards is unacceptable.

Uniform Standards & Guidelines

The school uniform must be worn at all times when attending the school and on school affiliated trips and events. To preserve the integrity of the uniform policy, deviations are not permitted under any circumstances.

The uniform must be maintained and should be worn in a good state.

Hooded tops are not allowed.

Outdoor clothing including jackets, coats, hats, and other fashion accessories must not be worn during school hours.

It is critical to reiterate that all students must remain in the guidelines of modesty; thus, refraining from the use of fashionable accessories including make-up, nail polish, and fragrances are encouraged.

Inappropriate body piercings should not be visible.

Adornment of restricted accessories and clothing is considered an offence and will be confiscated permanently. Repeated offence will trigger disciplinary action against the student.

It is the parent's responsibility to ensure that their child(ren) is dressed in accordance with school policy.

To maintain coherence, each student will be provided with the opportunity to purchase uniforms at the time of registration. Students must have a minimum of two pairs of uniforms to maintain cleanliness and personal hygiene. Returning students must purchase additional pairs as deemed necessary.

Dress Code

Boys (JK – 8)

Must wear a white collar full-sleeved shirt with the ALIF Canada Logo on the pocket. A plain white undershirt must be worn under the white-collar shirt to maintain the appearance.

Shirts must be buttoned up and worn in an appropriate manner. Rolling up sleeves is not permitted regardless of any situation.

Pants must be worn at the waist. It is advised that students avoid trendy looks and present themselves in modest attire.

Only plain black dress pants must be worn. Jeans, khakis, etc. are not permitted.

Students must wear closed-toe soft-soled black shoes to remain consistent with the uniform. White socks must be worn with the shoes.

Only black sweaters should be worn inside the building if needed. Hoodies are strictly prohibited.

Girls (JK – 4)

Must wear a black knee-high dress with a white full-sleeved shirt inside.

Only a white coloured hijab is permissible.

The hijab is not compulsory for JK-Grade 2 students.

Black tights must be worn under the dress.

Only black sweaters with the school logo are allowed. They are included in the uniform package.

Students must wear soft-soled closed-toe shoes with white socks only at all times. Sandals, flip-flops and other footwear is a violation of school uniform guidelines.

Girls (5 – 8)

All students must wear black Abayas only which is provided by the school. There are no exceptions.

Hijab must be white in colour and must be pinned under the chin. It must not be adorned with fashionable accessories.

Students must only wear soft-soled closed-toe shoes with white socks. Non-marking flats and high-heels are strictly prohibited.

Physical Education Uniform

Boys: Loose track pants and a t-shirt

Girls: Loose track pants with a full-sleeved shirt.

Students must change into their physical education uniform during their scheduled gym time. They must change into their regular school uniform before exiting the gym.

Note: All uniform pieces except footwear are included in the uniform package purchased upon enrollment. Any deviation from the prescribed uniform is considered an offence to the uniform policy.

Violation of Uniform Policy

Failure to adhere to uniform standards and guidelines will result in the following consequences:

First offence will lead to a verbal warning to the student and in-school detention during the lunch hour. Additionally, the parent will be called to bring the school uniform.

For the second offence, the student will be provided with a written warning and the parent will be called to take the child home.

If the situation persists, the student will be suspended from the school at the Principal’s discretion.


  • I truly appreciate how ALIF CANADA has helped my 7 years old understand and read the Arabic letters and memorize short Surahs (up to Surah Al-Bayyinah). May Allah reward you for your sincere efforts and grant you more success Insha-Allah.




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